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Training in
Veterinary Medicine

  • A quota of approximately 40 places is available for post-graduate UK applicants (with life science degrees in Animal Science, Biology, Zoology, etc.) to study veterinary medicine in English at the University of Veterinary Medicine (Kosice), Slovakia.
  • There are additional places for A-level students to study Veterinary Medicine. A-levels students are required to pass an entrance exam.
  • The DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) degree is conferred upon students who successfully complete 4 years of study (postgraduates) or 6 years of study (A level students). Academic years are divided into two 13 week terms (winter and spring), and 6 months of each year (which incorporate extra mural studies at UK veterinary practices, or alternative UK veterinary establishments) are spent in the UK.
  • UVM was EAEVE approved in 1996 & 2002. EAEVE approval (European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education) was based upon European Commission Directives EU 78/1026 and EU 78/1027. The EU directives list essential criteria that all European veterinary degrees are required to meet, before gaining universal recognition from EU member states. UVM was also FVE approved (Federation Of Veterinarians of Europe) in 2003.
  • Those receiving a DVM degree from UVM, are entitled to automatic membership of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) upon returning to the UK, and can thereby practice veterinary medicine in the UK.

  • University fees

    Annual UVM tuition fees are currently 7,500 Euros (or approximately £6,237 per annum at an exchange rate of €1.20): this equates to circa £24,948 for the 4-year DVM degree course.

    The UVM fees constitute a significant financial advantage, compared to alternative veterinary school tuition fees.

    i. The cost of monthly accommodation (6 months) in UVM dormitories is circa £64 (at the exchange rate of $1.56);

    ii. The cost of monthly living abroad in UVM (6 months) is circa £128 (at the exchange rate of $1:56);

    The total overall cost (for tuition fees, accommodation and living costs for the 4-year postgraduate course) is circa £29,500.

    Comparative Fees

    Comparing the above figures to the current cost of veterinary (re-)training in the UK:

    a. UK vet school fees at circa £15,000 to £17,500 per annum (for post-graduate study), OR

    b. UK vet school fees at £9,000 GB pounds (for under-graduates), plus

    d. A student loan for living expenses at circa £6,000 per annum,

    e. The total overall cost (for tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses in the UK) is circa £75,000 GB (for a school-leaver on a 5-year BVSc course), and approximately £94,000 for a post-graduates on a 4-year BVSc course.

    For current deatils of the UK vet school fees, each UK vet school can be examined individually (according to the applicant's interests): UK vet schools