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Traveling and studying Veterinary Medicine in Europe

Two European vet schools have offered veterinary degree courses in English since the 1990's, namely Slovakia and Hungary. Courses are available for both postgraduate applicants, and applicants leaving college with A levels. [For applicants with language skills, there is the additional possibility of veterinary degree courses taught in languages other than English - most vet schools lecture in a host country's native language.]

The veterinary degree courses available at the Slovakian vet school are described in more detail on this website (see the appropriate page accessed via the home page button above). [NB. Check later.] The Slovak vet school fees are extremely competitive, the DVM degree courses cater for both postgraduates and college leavers with A levels, a letter of recommendation is available for (selected) applicants, and UK nationals have undertaken the DVM courses (since 1998), graduated and secured MRCVS before working in general practice back in the UK.

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Hungarian Vet School

The experience of studying (or/and working abroad) has been outlined for a number of European countries.

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Studying in Europe

More recently two additional vet schools have been offering veterinary degree courses taught in English {for applicants leaving college with A levels}. The (east) European vet schools are aware of one another's tuition fees with respect to foreign students, and their comparative fees remain financially similar.

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Poland and Czech Republic

Degrees obtained from European countries that qualify individuals for membership of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS) are listed on the RCVS website:

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RCVS approved degrees

Individuals with qualifying degrees from EU countries must also be nationals of an EU country in order to obtain MRCVS. MRCVS enables an individual to work as a veterinarian within the UK.

Other programmes are available to enable individuals to spend periods of study abroad whilst undertaking a degree course.

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ERASMUS programme and ERASMUS funding