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RCVS corruption

Vet accuses Royal College of corruption

Dr. Adam Marcus Hutber has accused the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) of corruption. "Without sagas such as the recent ones at FIFA involving Sepp Blatter, and latterly the IAAF and VW, people would find it hard to believe that corruption occurs in the Western World. Large organisations and regulators are as human or imperfect as the rest of us. It's just unfortuate the corruption amongst regulators has such a devastating effect upon people's every day lives." Dr. Hutber suggests political motives can typically form the majority of incidents, and he relates experiences from his personal dealings with the RCVS. "Unwittingly I became a political target in 2004 when my membership of the RCVS opened its doors to thousands of east European vets, increasing the RCVS membership from about 11,000 to circa 18,000 [please see Allegation 1]. I'd tarnished an exclusive club and the Registrar and Head of Membership were rather upset. I'd spent the previous four years in eastern Europe," Dr. Hutber explained. "Ironically, the region had recognised they had a corruption problem. Eastern Europe was open about the corruption and everyone knew their unwritten rules. They were taking significant steps to change things, so when I came home to England I was somewhat surprised to find that the RCVS was applying unethical tactics, because I'd been using the RCVS as a moral yardstick abroad. The RCVS had suggested a high standard of organisational integrity but in reality, I've found a significant level of covert corruption. When I joined the RCVS I was interested in reforming it [Vet Times article, 2006 Manifesto, RCVS reform] and it wasn't unreasonable that my ideas might not have been welcomed. The RCVS found an opportunity to maintain its own status quo and naturally took it. However, the fact that the RCVS did it dishonestly highlights their need for reform."

Dr. Hutber states that his allegations could possibly prove problematic for the RCVS:
"The RCVS has seemingly dug itself into a slight hole. After the RCVS had closed off my reform suggestions, it spent hundreds of thousands of pounds pursuing me legally, evidently to remove a perceived nuisance. If these website allegations [please see below] were false then the RCVS could have had them removed. However, the RCVS is aware that the allegations are accurate, so they aren't in a position to have them removed. Honesty is a principle that the Royal College hasn't applied, so I find the factual details redeeming from a personal perspective."

"The Amanda Knox legal saga proves that justice can be subjective. You can't find someone guilty twice and subsequently find them innocent twice without the judgements being subjective. The bottom line is that the only people who know what happened for any given case, are those who were actually present at the time. The RCVS wasn't present for the events of the case it brought against me, so it didn't know what had happened. However, the RCVS did manipulate the evidence to make 'white appear black', and it takes a clever but dishonest team of individuals to make 'white appear black'. Upon that basis, the RCVS remains in need of reform."

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Between 2004 and 2013 the following occurred:

1. The RCVS intentionally misinformed a MRCVS applicant with respect to a prima facie MRCVS application, for protectionist objectives.

2. The RCVS manipulated the outcome of the 2006 RCVS Council elections for political reasons.

3. The RCVS contrived evidence to initiate disciplinary proceedings in order to achieve political objectives.

4. The RCVS manipulated evidence or allowed evidence to be manipulated at disciplinary proceedings for political reasons, without regard for an impartial hearing.

5. The RCVS inappropriately coerced one (or more) witness(es) at disciplinary proceedings.

6. The RCVS dealt inappropriately harshly and concurrently with inappropriate lenience against RCVS members in order to achieve political objectives.

7. The RCVS misrepresented material facts to the press for political objectives.

8. The RCVS inappropriately denigrated the reputation of RCVS member(s) for political reasons.


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