Training in
Veterinary Medicine

During the past five years university fees have doubled/trebled in the UK, and student loans remain subject to interest rates. It has become significantly cheaper to study and travel abroad, particularly for those considering a veterinary degree who are applying as postgraduates. Tuition fees at the UK vet schools approximate to around £75,000, whilst the cost of studying in Kosice is up to three times cheaper. The living costs in Kosice are also three times cheaper. The curriculum affords six months studying and travelling abroad in Europe, and six months of each year is spent back in the UK (seeing practice). The postgraduate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine course spans four years (the undergraduate course 6 years) and provides automatic membership of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. This in turn, means that Kosice graduates qualify to work as veterinary surgeons in the UK.

The Kosice Vet School was EAEVE approved in 1996 and 2002 (FVE approved in 2003), and has been training English vets for circa fifteen years.

In summary, studying in Kosice is significantly cheaper, provides unique opportunities for travelling in Europe, reduces overall university study time, and entitles graduates to gain MRCVS for future employment in the UK.

RCVS corruption allegations

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